Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear Little Pea

Dear Little Pea,
You are quite a surprise for us.  We were planning your mommy and daddy's wedding, thinking you were not to be. You see, some silly doctor told mommy and daddy they would never be able to create you...still, here you are!  You are such a surprise that your Uncle Kenny lost his knees when we told him and had to sit down! He was speechless, and you'll find out, that's rare for him.

We found out about you on Auntie Gracie's ninth birthday.  Mommy kept getting a tummy ache when she got in the car. Honestly, I think she bought the test just to shut your daddy up.  Boy, was she surprised! 

I cried, of course. I have been waiting so long for you!

I can't wait to see you. So, you just keep dividing those cells, and growing those little pink pearl piggies and that little button nose, and those sweet little fingers and those rosebud lips, and I'll be the one reading to you and praying for you.  When you hear those prayers being sent up to God, it's me thanking Him for sending you.  So, just keep growing Little Pea, and while you do, we'll be waiting for you.